3 Reasons to get a back to school physical

Three Reasons to Schedule Back to School Physicals

It’s not required at every school, but many districts require some sort of back to school physical ahead of a new school year. For students of any age, the year to year growth of a young boy or girl is enough to warrant checking in on their height, weight, and conditions. For that reason, a back to school physical is crucial to enable them to live a happy, healthy life. Make the school year a breeze by getting your child in for a school physical; these three crucial reasons to schedule an appointment today are a great reminder of the importance of these checkups.

Three Reasons to Schedule a Back to School Physical

There are some key reasons why a back to school physical is beneficial to children before they enter the new school year. Here are the three biggest reasons to consider scheduling an appointment today.

Prevent Future Health Issues

The easiest way to get surprised with health issues down the road is to not know what’s happening in your child’s body. With annual physicals ahead of the new school year, a detailed medical record develops, allowing the child and you to better understand what’s happening as their body develops. In elementary and middle school aged children, growth and development skyrocket. Depending on how they’re growing, a child might develop some sort of issue that, with medical attention, is no big deal. When you don’t know what’s going on, however, that’s why trouble can start.

Qualify Them for Extra Curriculars

For most clubs and sports, an updated examination with a doctor is required. This can include checking their weight, height, and wellness in order to qualify for physical activity. It also helps, even if your child isn’t looking to join a sport, for them to know they’re updated on their vaccinations. With a busy school full of kids, vaccinations help prevent outbreaks of diseases and viruses that can cause harm to the entire student body.

Identify Concerning Trends

If a student or child is starting to act a bit differently, it might be helpful to mention these things to their doctor ahead of a physical. Depression can start at a young age, as well as anxiety and stress. Kids should be kids, and finding out if they are prone to these things can help them lead a normal childhood and healthy school year.

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