3 signs you need a last-minute summer vacation

Summer may be winding down but that does not mean it is too late to go on a summer vacation. Sometimes life gets away from us and months/years can go by without taking even one vacation. A busy life may seem like a good life but if you don’t take some time to take a break from your schedule you may start to burn out. Here are three signs you should look out for from your body telling you to slow down! 

Can’t Sleep 

If you are having extremely long and buy days then it would make sense when you get home its time to sleep, right? If you are too stressed your body will have trouble sleeping which could lead to insomnia. No job is worth losing sleep over every night this can be very hurtful to your overall health! On vacation, your body will naturally slow down internally due to being pulled out of the stressful environment you were once in. 


If you’re stressed at work, then there is a huge possibility that you are bringing that stress home with you. You may be suffering from slight depression if you are finding it difficult to find happiness. A vacation can break the cycle of unhappiness. By letting your batteries recharge and putting yourself in a happy environment can be eactly what you need. It is important that you are able to disconnect from your current work schedule. When you are disconnected you can then asses what was making you depressed and remove it from your routine when you return from vacation! 

Unhappy With Job

If you used to love your job but you do not feel the same passion for the job that you used too, it is possible you are just overworked. You may start to see that your overall work production has decreased as well as involvement with company events. Taking a vacation from a bust job may be hard, and not sound like something you think you can do but it would be extremely worth it. When you return you should see compassion for your job again as well as an increase in productivity. 

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