5 Hygiene Tips for Young Children

Hygiene Tips for Children in Gambrills, MD

A lot of the arguments you have with your child might revolve around a similar topic. Whether it’s brushing teeth, washing hands, or bathing, a child doesn’t truly understand why these things are important. In order to make these crucial practices a source of responsibility for kids rather than a point of contention, follow these 5 hygiene tips for young children to make the process as smooth as possible. With each tip, the effort is minimal, but the results make a difference.

5 Hygiene Tips for Young Children

Nothing beats getting your children to follow your wishes, and it’s easy to instill proper hygiene in your kids by following these five steps. Done all at once, it can help teach these habits.

Provide Incentives

It’s not a long term solution, but providing a small incentive to regular hygiene practices can really help a child to get in the habit of doing something they’re struggling with. For example, if bedtime teeth cleaning is a battle, offer a small prize for 7 straight days of brushing at night without a reminder. Slowly, the habit will form on its own. This makes everything easier.

Make a Chart

Even adults need reminders sometimes, and nothing beats a good visual. For some children who are still learning proper hygiene, a chart that walks them through proper bathroom practices can work wonders. Even a sign on the mirror or wall that says “did you wash your hands?” can make a difference. Just like adults, kids usually just need a push in the right direction.

Practice with Them

This is an easy one. You should be well aware that these hygiene practices are not just for kids. If a child is having a tough time brushing their teeth or coughing into their arm, lead by example. Show them the right way to do things. Children learn best by watching.

Teach About Illness

Overall, proper hygiene comes down to defense against getting sick. Teaching children the dangers of getting sick help them know what this whole effort is all about.

Make it About Respect

At the end of the day, hygiene is about caring for one’s self. Teach them why that’s important.

Start Teaching Good Hygiene Now

It’s tough to teach good hygiene to children, especially when they don’t understand why it’s important. Follow these tips to start getting your kids on the right page and in better health. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at  410-721-2333

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