Avoid Dehydration this summer

We all know that hydration is essential, but sometimes it can be extremely tedious to keep up with. In the summer months, most of us are very busy in the summertime and don’t follow through with our hydration habits. It is easy to become dehydrated and stay dehydrated for days! Chesapeake Urgent care would like to give you some pointers on how to beat dehydration this summer and form better hydration habits! 

 Drink More Water 

This sounds obvious, but this is something that people needs to be reminded of. We recommend you drink 1 cup of water every 20 minutes. This may seem excessive, but if you are doing some physically demanding activity, then we recommend that you drink even more. There is a common misconception that sports drinks can keep you hydrated adequately in a replacement of water. This is not true; sports drinks are very good at replenishing electrolytes your body may have lost while playing a sport or throughout the day.      

Keep Out Of The Heat

Staying cool is one of the easiest ways to avoid dehydration. When we sweat, our bodies are using water to cool us down. You need to refill your body of water; however, if you are staying cool and not sweating your body will not use as much water. Utilize the shade and air condition this summer, especially if you know you have a limited supply of water. 

Pay Attention To Your Body

Your body will let you know when it needs water. If you are feeling tired and a little thirsty this is the first sign, oh dehydration. If you notice that you have a splitting headache and dry mouth, stomach ache, these are signs that you are severely dehydrated. If you are getting tired of drinking water, you can always incorporate fruits and vegetables that are eater based to keep you hydrated! Some fruits and vegetables you can try are: 

  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries
  • Cucumbers
  • Grapes

Make sure to remind friends and loved ones to stay hydrated this summer! We hope these tips will help you! 


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