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Understanding When Urgent Care Is a Better Option Than The ER

You’re in pain and your doctor’s office is closed. At one time, the emergency room was your only option, but now urgent care facilities fill the gap in services between a private practice and a hospital. Learn when to choose urgent care over the ER.

Jan 7th, 2019
The Importance of Getting a Flu Shot

Are you still undecided about whether to get a flu vaccine this year? This blog will make you reconsider. Read about the many reasons you and your family should protect yourselves against complications from the latest strain of the flu virus.

Oct 26th, 2018
5 Signs You May Have pink eye

It can turn the whites of your eyes pink, spread from person to person with just a touch, and make you miserable for days. But how do you know it’s pink eye? Learn the usual signs of pink eye, what causes it, and how to stop it from spreading.

Sep 13th, 2018
5 Best Exercises for Arthritis

If you’re one of the 50 million Americans living with arthritis, you know just how painful and debilitating it can be. Find out why exercise is one of the best ways to lessen arthritis-related pain or keep it from getting worse.

Jun 7th, 2018
Phoning It In: The Benefits of Telemedicine

Emerging as an alternative to conventional health care models, telemedicine connects you with caregivers at Chesapeake ERgent Care. Through your video-enabled computer or mobile device, you can meet one-on-one with a practitioner online anywhere you are.

May 17th, 2018
Pain Management Tips for Frequent Migraine Sufferers

More than just headaches, migraines can lead to debilitating pain. If you suffer from migraine headaches and are looking for a way to manage your pain, keep reading to see our best pain management tips for frequent migraine sufferers.

Apr 17th, 2018
10 Ways to Remedy Age-Related Back Pain

Age-related back pain can be frustrating and keep you from doing the activities you enjoy. We share 10 remedies to help you manage back pain naturally, before it becomes a more serious condition.

Mar 13th, 2018