Exercising During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most significant events in women’s life. Everything in your life begins to change and unfortunately, so does your body. Staying fit and healthy during pregnancy is something that many women want to do, but they aren’t sure how. We know that trying to find safe exercises can be intimidating, but we’re here to help! The Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy Exercising during pregnancy has many benefits for both mom and baby. The benefits for mom …

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Don’t Let Asthma Control Your Life

Many asthma sufferers live a life that’s controlled by their condition. While it may seem like that’s the only option, we’re here to remind you that there’s another way. Your asthma shouldn’t control your life, you should be in control of your asthma! Controlling your asthma doesn’t happen overnight, but you can begin following these steps today to start the journey. Open Communication Well controlled asthma patients have a free line of communication with their physician. You should see them …

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Dangerous of Smoking

Harmful Effects of Smoking Regardless of the cigarette smoking warnings that are shared with the public, millions of people continue to smoke. Caution that reads “cigarette smoking may be hazardous to your health” appears to do very little to deter people from their cigarette smoking ways. Every year, more people die from smoking-related issues, and many others are disabled or living with complications because of its impact on their health. Smoking can wreak havoc on the body in many different …

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Environmentally Friendly deodorant

Staying fresh and dry throughout the day doesn’t mean that you have to impair your health with toxin-filled deodorants. Masking unpleasant body odor doesn’t have to say harsh antiperspirants that are not environmentally friendly. There are 100% natural deodorants on the market that can give you peace of mind that your health is protected while keeping you fresh and dry. Here are some of the environmentally friendly deodorants that you can try. RazoRock RazorRock is regarded in some circles as …

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Fast Ways to Battle Seasonal Allergies

April and May are terrible months for those who battle seasonal allergies. As flowers and trees begin to come back to life, millions of Americans can start to struggle from morning to night. Simple things like breathing and seeing are suddenly a luxury when allergies start to kick in. The long-term battle against allergies is a difficult struggle to manage. For those looking to battle allergies in the best way possible, these quick solutions can bring real relief quickly and …

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Building Trust and STD Awareness with Health Care Providers

Sexually transmitted disease, or STD, can be tough to talk about with a doctor. Not only are topics on sexual health and well-being sometimes a little awkward, but the communication line between patients and medical professionals can sometimes feel distant. Luckily, April marks STD Awareness Month and a focus of 2019’s efforts in treating STDs and communicating them effectively. Doctor/Patient Communication on STDs Doctors and other medical professionals see no need to feel uncomfortable about anything biological. That being said, …

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Blueprint for a Successful Urgent Care Facility

From the Edaris Health Blog CEO Corner with Meg Aranow I recently had the pleasure of speaking with one of our favorite customers: Dr. Ron Elfenbein. Why favorite? Ron’s enthusiasm for creating excellence in Urgent Care is contagious and energizing. As founder and medical director of Chesapeake ERgent Care, located in the Gambrills Maryland , wants his patients to have the “best medical experience they’ve ever had.” Elfenbein completed his training at Johns Hopkins Medical School and continues as an …

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10 Illnesses You Didn’t Know You Can Treat Through Telemedicine

You may think it’s new, but the United States has put telemedicine to good use since the 1960s. It’s what health care professionals use to monitor and treat the astronauts when they’re in space. It’s also been used for decades to enhance medical care for patients in rural and isolated areas throughout the world. Today, with advances in computer technology and the spread of electronic devices into more households than not in the United States, telemedicine is often a very …

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The Importance of Getting a Flu Shot

Every year as a new flu season falls upon local communities across the country, you hear about the latest strain of the virus and why everyone should get a flu shot. If you’re still on the fence, the experienced team of health care providers at Chesapeake ERgent Care in Gambrills, Maryland, explains the importance of getting a flu shot so you can make an informed decision for yourself and your family. Influenza is a potentially serious illness that can lead …

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