Hygiene and Wellness Skills for Wintertime

Wintertime is more commonly known as cold and flu season and, as we all know, the cold and flu are something that’s best to avoid! Avoiding illness during the wintertime depends on having good hygiene and wellness skills through the wintertime and the rest of the year. In addition to washing your hands regularly, practice these hygiene and wellness skills to stay healthy and happy this winter!  Keep Your Distance Keeping your distance during the wintertime means two things. First, …

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Is STD Testing Safe for Patients?

STD testing is an important topic that doesn’t get enough attention. Many people shy away from the subject out of embarrassment or fear of being judged, but there is no judgement here! You may be wondering if STD testing is safe and how it works. If so, you’ve come to the right place!  What Are STDs? STDs are sexually transmitted diseases that spread from one person to another through sexual contact. That can mean contact anally, vaginally, or orally. The …

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Sads in the winter

How to Deal with SADS

It’s that time of year when the seasons are changing. Except, your mood may change too. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that results from the change of seasons. The wintertime is when it is most prevalent due to gloomy weather and reduced sunlight. Several factors contribute to SAD, such as age, gender, and location. Studies find that women and young adults are more likely to be diagnosed with SAD. Also, those further away from the equator …

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Winter health

Common Winter Health Problems

Amid all the snow and holiday spirit, there are common winter health problems you need to know. Unfortunately, winter is a time where it’s tough on your body. From your heart to your overall health, we want you to be aware of health problems that may occur. Read on to find out more about common winter health problems, and how to battle them this season. Asthma Problems Asthma is a common respiratory illness today, and winter weather can trigger asthma …

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Treatments for an Ankle Sprain

 Spraining an ankle is never fun, but with proper care and consideration, you can heal quicker and get back to your daily life. There is a popular method called “RICE,” meaning Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. The primary purpose of “RICE” is to help relieve swelling and heal as quickly as possible. Rest  After you realize you have sprained your ankle, make sure to allow your body enough rest. Make sure you are avoiding any activities that cause you pain. …

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Why you should get STD Testing

Sexually transmitted diseases are not fun, and one of the best ways to prevent STDs is to be tested for them. You might be asking yourself why you should be tested if you have no symptoms. The most common symptom of an STD is actually not having any symptoms, therefore if you are sexually active, it is in your best interest to have regular STD testing.  Symptoms One widespread misconception regarding STDs is that it will be a noticeable bump, …

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When to visit an urgent care

Chesapeake ERgent Care is here for you all year round. We treat the vast majority of injuries & sicknesses. However, if you are wondering when is the right time to visit Urgent Care, we are here with some advice that all can follow. Urgent Care Centers such as our own and emergency rooms are different for many reasons, one of the main reasons is, you do not need to schedule an appointment to visit urgent care.  If you are injured …

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Why you Should get the Flu shot

The summer is started to fade away and fall is almost here! Chesapeake Ergent Care wants to make sure all of you are prepared for the flu this season! As the heat starts to dwindle away the flu virus will start to make its way back. The is a very tricky illness to tackle since it comes in many strains, forms and is very contagious. You can get the flu at any age, even though most people are aware of …

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Kids washing hands with mom

5 Hygiene Tips for Young Children

Hygiene Tips for Children in Gambrills, MD A lot of the arguments you have with your child might revolve around a similar topic. Whether it’s brushing teeth, washing hands, or bathing, a child doesn’t truly understand why these things are important. In order to make these crucial practices a source of responsibility for kids rather than a point of contention, follow these 5 hygiene tips for young children to make the process as smooth as possible. With each tip, the …

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back to school

3 Reasons to get a back to school physical

Three Reasons to Schedule Back to School Physicals It’s not required at every school, but many districts require some sort of back to school physical ahead of a new school year. For students of any age, the year to year growth of a young boy or girl is enough to warrant checking in on their height, weight, and conditions. For that reason, a back to school physical is crucial to enable them to live a happy, healthy life. Make the …

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