Don’t Let Asthma Control Your Life

Many asthma sufferers live a life that’s controlled by their condition. While it may seem like that’s the only option, we’re here to remind you that there’s another way. Your asthma shouldn’t control your life, you should be in control of your asthma! Controlling your asthma doesn’t happen overnight, but you can begin following these steps today to start the journey.

Open Communication

Well controlled asthma patients have a free line of communication with their physician. You should see them regularly and feel like you’re able to call any time with questions or concerns. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so with your physician, it’s time to find a new one! If you feel like your treatment plan isn’t working, let them know. If you don’t speak up about your concerns, the problem can’t be addressed!

Tracking Symptoms

Get in the habit of keeping an asthma log with you. You can even use your smartphone to keep a digital log if that’s more convenient for your lifestyle. Use the log to record when asthma symptoms occur, what the weather’s like, what activity you were doing, and any other relevant information. This log will allow you and your doctor to identify your triggers. Once you know what triggers your asthma, do your best to avoid those things. Keep in mind that preventing triggers shouldn’t interfere with your daily life.

Changing Your Treatment Plan

Finding the right treatment plan for your asthma might take some time but try not to get discouraged. Your doctor can make changes to your dose, change the medication entirely, or offer tips on how you can make it work better for you. Many asthma patients think that once they have a treatment plan that works, it will always continue to work, but that’s not true. Certain times of year may require extra treatment, and your condition can get worse on its own over time.
Above all else, don’t let your asthma define you! You are so much more than just an asthma sufferer, even though it may be hard to remember that sometimes. If you begin to feel like your asthma is controlling your life, it’s time to make a change. Look for activities you can participate in that don’t trigger your asthma too. Rather than focusing on what you can’t do because of your asthma, think about all of the fantastic things you can do!

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