Environmentally Friendly deodorant

Staying fresh and dry throughout the day doesn’t mean that you have to impair your health with toxin-filled deodorants. Masking unpleasant body odor doesn’t have to say harsh antiperspirants that are not environmentally friendly. There are 100% natural deodorants on the market that can give you peace of mind that your health is protected while keeping you fresh and dry. Here are some of the environmentally friendly deodorants that you can try.

  1. RazoRock

    RazorRock is regarded in some circles as purists when it comes to the formulation of their products. They use three base ingredients in their products, including natural soda, non-GMO cornstarch, and organic vegetable glycerin, keeping the product as natural as possible, yet still effective. RazorRock offers deodorant balms, sticks, and sprays, as well as both scented and unscented deodorant balm options. The deodorants are cruelty-free,, and the packaging can be reused or recycled. Absent are aluminum, man-made chemicals, harsh detergents, alcohol, or paraben. Scented options contain only essential oils, and the deodorants do not stain clothes, the scent is long-lasting, and the deodorant doesn’t stop the body from naturally sweating.
  2. Primal Pit Paste Deodorant

    Primal Pit Paste offers handcrafted, natural deodorants for different needs. Their natural deodorant jars are available in zinc and baking soda formulations. They neutralize body odor, provide long lasting protection without clogging your pores, and leaves a fresh and comfortable feeling. The products use natural and organic ingredients; their Zero Stink deodorant bundle, for example, offer 9 flavors and includes: Baking Soda Deodorant Jar; Zinc Deodorant Jar and Pit Primer Serum. Primal Pit offers natural deodorants that are ideal for sensitive skin, low to moderate exercise, regular or intense activity, extra funk and extreme levels of activity. Best of all, the deodorants are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, paraben and aluminum-free have no harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, and the packaging uses BPA free, recyclable material.
  3. Jungleman Deodorant

    Jungleman has a great selection of hypoallergenic deodorants. Jungleman natural deodorants are all-natural and according to their website are free of aluminum, parabens, peroxides, alcohols, silica, propylene glycol, ascorbic acid, GMO ingredients, artificial colors and fragrances, glycerin, castor oil, and sodium stearate. The ingredient list for Jungleman natural deodorants is short, with only four elements contained in each. There are odorless options, along with lightly scented deodorants that feature peppermint, line, and orange. Both men and women can enjoy Jungleman deodorants, as well as individuals with sensitive skin. The deodorant packaging is made from recyclable materials.
  4. Black Chicken’s Axilla Deodorant

    Black Chicken’s Axilla deodorant paste is one of the top, natural deodorants available. This award-winning product (Editor’s Choice in the beauty shortlist Awards 2017) is not merely useful but can keep you fresh when doing even the most vigorous exercise. The product contains only natural and certified organic ingredients, with pure essential oils and botanical extracts. It contains no alcohol, parabens, propylene glycol, or triclosan. When it comes to environmental impact, Black Chicken’s Axilla deodorant is cruelty-free, vegan-free and palm oil-free, 100% natural and organic and is packaged in recyclable containers.

Sweat, funk, or toxic chemicals should be on your mind when wearing deodorant. The good news is that there are environmentally friendly deodorants that will give you peace of mind while keeping you fresh, dry, and comfortable. You can help to protect your health and the environment by making any one of these natural deodorants a part of your lifestyle.

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