Fast Ways to Battle Seasonal Allergies

April and May are terrible months for those who battle seasonal allergies. As flowers and trees begin to come back to life, millions of Americans can start to struggle from morning to night. Simple things like breathing and seeing are suddenly a luxury when allergies start to kick in. The long-term battle against allergies is a difficult struggle to manage. For those looking to battle allergies in the best way possible, these quick solutions can bring real relief quickly and without much effort.

Best Ways to Battle Seasonal Allergies

There are two primary ways to fight seasonal allergies: medication and prevention. When an allergy attack kicks in, it can be too late to prevent it. For that reason, the first and most popular way to battle seasonal allergies is medication.

Successful Medications for Allergies

Oral medication in the form of antihistamines is the most common way that allergy sufferers try to manage an allergic reaction from Spring and Summer air particles. Some of the most popular over the counter versions of antihistamines are Claritin and Benadryl. There are also prescription-only antihistamines that can be stronger for those suffering more harsh symptoms. If interested in an order, medical professionals should be consulted.

Nasal decongestants are another way to battle allergies with medication. Commonly referred to as nasal drops, these are a treatment that shrinks blood vessels in the nose to help relieve congestion. These medicated treatments have been known to be somewhat addictive, and the blood vessels may respond poorly over time to extended use. That being said, for short term relief, they are a great tool.

Successful Preventatives for Allergies

An easy way to start quickly preventing flare-ups in allergies is to keep an eye on pollen and pollutant counts. Most weather apps will give a forecast for dust and other allergy-related particles, just as it would with precipitation or temperature. If a particular day is forecasted to be bad for a specific allergy, individuals who struggle with those particles can then take a preventative antihistamine like Claritin. Likewise, keeping the home clear of any buildup of an allergy particle is crucial. Regular vacuuming is essential to eliminating allergens. Windows should also stay closed to keep outside particles from entering the home.

Stay Proactive in the Battle Against Allergies

The worst thing one can do if suffering from allergies is ignored the problem. Using medications and preventative measures to battle allergies is crucial in keeping up with daily life.

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