Phoning It In: The Benefits of Telemedicine

Prompt access to the medical care you need is a priority for many that may sometimes be a challenge to find. The field of telemedicine may offer relief from long wait times in emergency and urgent care facilities. In use for decades behind the scenes, new technology and access expands the capabilities of telemedicine and puts it in the hands of you, the patient.

For Chesapeake ERgent Care, we aim to keep wait times under 30 minutes in our facility, but beyond that, we want to deliver health care where and when you need it, whenever possible. That’s why we’re on board with telemedicine services that you can access through our web portal and mobile device app. It’s a big change away from traditional medical service and some people may be hesitant to give it a try. Let’s examine some of the advantages that telemedicine can offer.

Quality of care

There’s no loss of health care quality using telemedicine techniques. Consider that physicians have been using these technologies for over 40 years to consult and refer. The infrastructure is in place, with experienced information technology providers and experts already serving the telemedicine field.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) became law in 1996 and provided the legislative framework for privacy in healthcare systems. HIPAA compliance means that your medical files remain private, shared only with practitioners involved with your treatment. Given the ease with which your information can be securely transmitted, telemedicine may speed diagnosis and treatment plans.

Ease of access

Indeed, connecting patients, doctors, and medical facilities is one of the most powerful aspects of telemedicine. The newest advances bridge the distance between doctor and patient by removing the conventional office visit. Using an online portal or mobile app to connect by voice and video, many aspects of a conventional medical exam can play out remotely.

When you’re ill, you may not know if your condition warrants a trip to urgent care. Telemedicine can preserve your energy for recovery. If your caregiver can’t diagnose your call during a telemedicine session, they can advise you of the next steps you need to undertake.


It’s no secret that health care costs are spiraling in the United States. Telemedicine provides relief for both patients and providers. A doctor can potentially “see” more patients, who in turn have saved time and money by remaining at their location. This shortens wait times and extends resources at brick and mortar clinics and emergency rooms.

For example, a patient with a chronic condition that needs periodic monitoring could potentially use telemedicine as a substitute for those 5-minute appointments that involve plenty of extra time for both doctor and patient. Efficiencies such as this keep costs down across the board.

Increased demand

For those who already realize the gains in convenience and accessibility that telemedicine offers, there’s a grassroots, word-of-mouth built-in demand for these services. Those in remote locations, in particular, look to telemedicine to provide a level of care that was previously unavailable without the time and expense of travel. As the field develops, more patients will find that the convenience of a video medical appointment fits their busy lifestyle.

Chesapeake ERgent Care is already on board with telemedicine, offering a robust, remote practice to our patients. To get started, simply download the iOS or Android app, or visit our online portal. Most matters can be handled in about 10 minutes, from anywhere you can connect to the internet. Call or click today.