Why you Should get the Flu shot

The summer is started to fade away and fall is almost here! Chesapeake Ergent Care wants to make sure all of you are prepared for the flu this season! As the heat starts to dwindle away the flu virus will start to make its way back. The is a very tricky illness to tackle since it comes in many strains, forms and is very contagious. You can get the flu at any age, even though most people are aware of the flu it is still the most common illness people will get between the months of September to December. The Flu shot is the number one way to combat the flu, in the following article, we will go over if the flu shot is worth getting this season!   

Is It Worth It 

The flu shot is not a new process, every year around this time Urgent Care’s such as ourselves will try to get as many people as possible to get the flu shot. If you wonder whether or not the flu shot is something you want to take this year, you should know the facts. There are some people that should make the flu shot more of a priority than others. If you have a young child or are over the age of 65 then it is strongly recommended you get the flu shot as soon as possible. These groups are at risk of suffering serious complications from the flu. The flu is not to be taken lightly if untreated the flu can lead to death. 

Side Effects of the Flu Shot

If you are thinking about holding off on the flu shot this year because of the side effects you shouldn’t! The flu shot only carries one minor side effect that varies from patient to patient. Some possible side effects you can get are headaches or a mild fever in the worst cases. Soreness in the spot of the shot is the side effect the most everyone will get and it will only last up to 24 hours. Flu shots are only 70% effective however we strongly recommend you get one every flu season. 

For any more questions or concerns about our flu shots this year please contact us at 410-721-2333

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